Andrea’s Story of Overcoming Knee Pain in West Fargo ND

Andrea's story of overcoming knee pain in West Fargo ND

Chiropractic West Fargo ND woman knee pain

Four years ago, Andrea tore her ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) while she was training for a 5k. She saw and Orthopedist and went through Physical Therapy, but continued to have significant knee pain. At the age of 54 she got to the point in which she knew she was favoring her knee which was leading to back pain. She was unable to keep up with her kids and it was getting tougher for her to walk and workout due to her knee pain.

Andrea knew she needed some help. She was researching clinics and treatment options online when she came across our reviews and noticed we treated soft tissue injuries which brought her into our clinic.

As a chiropractor in West Fargo ND who's certified in FAKTR, we conducted a comprehensive knee and lower extremity evaluation. We noticed the following findings in Andrea's exam.


  • Significant pain in both knees when walking.
  • Severe decrease in the range of motion with both knees.
  • Inability to complete a squat due to the pain and restricted range of motion in both knees.
  • Tenderness and pain in the hamstring, calf muscle, and posterior knee during palpation of the knee.
  • Laxity of the ACL and MCL during Orthopedic testing which was confirmed by an MRI Andrea brought into our office.
  • A history of a 5K race in which Andrea was training for 4 years ago that led to her knee pain.


After evaluating Andrea, we discussed her condition and her prognosis. We discussed her goals of wanting to walk with limited pain, the ability to work out again, and decreasing her chance of long-term issues related to her knee pain. We also discussed her concerns such as not wanting to have surgery unless the more conservative options did not work.

Past History

Andrea's knee pain is related to a past injury to her ACL and MCL.

Injury to the ACL and MCL it has led to compensation by the hamstring, calf, and posterior knee.

ACL and MCL injuries can be treated conservatively depending on the patient. (Athletes may need surgery due to the demands on the ACL and MCL.)

With a knee injury, we need to look at the gluteal muscles and foot/ankle joints due to compensation patterns.

Treatment in West Fargo ND

I discussed with Andrea our treatment plan. With Andrea, we started with a trial of 6 visits over the course of 2-3 weeks to see her response to treatment. Our goal was to achieve the results she desired with a combination of Chiropractic and FAKTR soft tissue therapies and specific exercises for her condition. I explained to Andrea that we could obtain these results with pain reduction over the course of 1-2 weeks and the ability to squat and start working out in 3-4 weeks. I also explained that it may take longer to change her abnormal muscle patterns that have developed over the course of the last few years due to her chronic injury. Most of this strength and change would be developed from a home exercise plan.


Andrea responded much quicker than was even expected. After 1 visit she came in to the office stating she was able to walk 3 miles around the lake by her house. After 2 visits she was able to walk around the lake much faster than before. In the course of 3 weeks, Andrea was able to squat much further down and without pain. She was able to work out with no pain and was able to reach all her goals in 4 weeks. Andrea was able to improve the strength of her knee and lower extremity without a return of her symptoms and she was able to avoid knee surgery.

We're here to help!

Andrea has been just one of many patients who has responded to our treatment of knee pain. If you are dealing with a similar issue feel free to start with the exercise provided. If it's not doing the trick and you need more help feel free to contact our clinic and we would be glad to help.

Thank You for taking the time to read Sarah's story!

This patient's name has been changed to protect privacy rights.

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