Suffering From Neck Pain in West Fargo ND?

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Most people will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Whether it's due to sleeping wrong, twisting wrong, pulling a muscle, or a different reason, neck pain can be frustrating.  Neck pain varies in severity, and you may note that your pain grows worse over time. Getting treatment for neck pain early is crucial since the pain can grow unbearable very quickly. Our chiropractors at Pinnacle Chiropractic and Rehab serve residents in West Fargo with effective solutions for neck pain. If you are considering chiropractic care for your neck pain in West Fargo ND, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Symptoms of Neck Pain in West Fargo ND

Neck pain symptoms are often subtle. It is important to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you while experiencing neck pain. It is time to see a chiropractor if you notice these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Arm Weakness
  • Reduced Flexibility
  • Poor Posture

These symptoms could stem from a recent physical injury, but they could also be linked to chronic pain. A chiropractor can help you with either type of pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

Causes of neck pain can be as simple as sleeping in the wrong position for an extended period of time. Other causes of neck pain include poor posture, which can lead to overuse of the neck muscles or awkward neck movements. This can directly lead to chronic neck pain. Sore and tense upper back muscles can also lead to neck pain. This is especially common in those who work in front of a computer for an extended period of time.

In addition, issues with the spine, such as injuries due to whiplash, scoliosis, or misaligned spine can all contribute to neck pain. Although there are many causes of neck pain, one thing is certain - if your neck pain feels abnormal treatment is definitely a good option. If your neck pain is causing you issues or will not go away, get the help of a chiropractor for treatment.

Neck pain is often associated with chronic health conditions like spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. Your pain could be associated with a sports injury, car accident, or workplace incident. In some cases, text neck and other overuse or underused injuries are the cause.

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How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Treatment comes in many forms. Your chiropractor will help you establish a treatment plan that is customized to your body's needs. Your treatment plan may include a combination of the following:

  • Spinal decompression relieves pressure in your back, which makes it an especially good treatment if you have compressed nerves or herniated discs.
  • Spinal adjustments are also a great option for your neck pain because they will ensure that your neck is in alignment with the rest of your body. This prevents certain muscles from taking on too much work.
  • Exercise involves strengthening the core which is crucial for your chiropractic treatment plan. This is often paired with stretching, which improves joint stability and posture.
  • Stress management can also reduce neck pain. Reducing stress can help you avoid carrying physical tension in your neck, which causes the muscles to become tight and immobile. Stress management will include lifestyle recommendations, massage therapy, and more.

No matter what treatment modalities are involved in your customized treatment plan, it will be natural and non-invasive. You will not have long recovery periods and you will see results right away.

At Pinnacle Chiropractic and Rehab, we want to help you find relief from neck pain and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for you. Call us today at (701) 532-1699 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.

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