Patient Success Story: Severe Low Back Pain Makin git Tough Getting Through a Workday in West Fargo ND


Chiropractic West Fargo ND Linda Success Story


Linda was referred to our office by her daughter because she was having pain after work in West Fargo ND. After a 4-hour work shift she would end up in a severe bent over position due to severe pain in her leg and left side. This would happen almost every day she worked, and this pain had been going on for about a month prior to entering our office.

She was previously referred her to a neurologist who told her she wasn't able to help her. No imaging was taken to that point.

Due to this pain and her history she was very concerned she couldn't find answers and this unknown was causing her quite a bit of anxiety.

Upon treatment, we also realized that Linda was having frequent falls in the past year. As we treated her for her back and an injury to the sciatic nerve, she has not had a fall in weeks and her balance has been significantly improved.

Chiropractor West Fargo ND Jeremy Heidt


As a chiropractor that's certified in Cox Flexion Distraction/Decompression and who frequently sees these conditions we conducted a comprehensive low back, neurological, and abdominal evaluation. We noticed the following findings in Linda's low back, neurological, and abdominal exam:

  • Decreased sensation in her left big toe and decrease muscle strength during a toe raise and heel raise on her left side.
  • Tenderness in the spine in her lower back.
  • Restricted range of motion her lower back.
  • No tenderness in the abdomen and no history that would point to an abdominal issue.
  • History of a spinal surgery in her low back 20 years ago.


After evaluating Linda, we discussed the likely option of a disc herniation in her low back causing the sciatic nerve into her left leg to become injured. This is causing the antalgic position Linda is having after a work shift. It is also causing the decreased sensation and decreased muscle strength in her left leg. With flexion distraction decompression treatment and interferential muscle stimulation our office typically gets really good results with these types of conditions.


I discussed with Linda our treatment plan. We could achieve the results she desired with a combination of Cox Flexion Distraction Decompression and Interferential Muscle Stimulation. I explained to Linda that we could obtain these results over the course of 1-3 weeks and as she progressed. I also explained that it may take longer to develop her strength back in low back due to the abnormal muscle patterns that have developed over the course of the last few years from her postural positions. Most of this strength would be developed from a home exercise plan.

Results in West Fargo ND

After 3 days of treatment Linda was making it through a 4 hour shift without going into the antalgic position and her pain was significantly decreased. One week after starting treatment her pain was down to a 2/10 pain and she was able to work 4 days a week with limited pain.

As her pain decreased we started adding strengthening exercises and balance exercises. To this point she is out of pain in her back and her leg and she has not had a fall in 4 weeks.

We will continue to progress her through a strengthening plan. The plan is also to add exercises to decrease her risk of falls and then eventually help support her as needed with treatment in the future. We will look to be proactive in the future so she continues to do well and limit any issues that are affecting her.

Linda has been just one of many patients who has responded to our treatment of back pain and sciatica pain. If you are dealing with a similar issue please reach out to our clinic to book an exam and treatment and we'll get you started on the right path to feeling better!

Dr. Jeremy is a chiropractor at Pinnacle Chiropractic and Rehab in West Fargo. He has over 13 years of experience treating back pain, sciatica, neck pain, sprain/strains among many other chiropractic related conditions. Our office has recently been selected by Fargo Community Votes as a top chiropractic clinic in the Fargo Area.

Thank You for taking the time to read Linda's story!

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