Dr. Jeremy’s Story About Overcoming Back Pain and His Introduction to Chiropractic West Fargo ND


Chiropractor West Fargo ND Jeremy Heidt

Read this story from our West Fargo ND chiropractor to learn more about his journey to chiropractic.

Many of the chiropractors I have met seem to have their personal experience or success story that got them interested in chiropractic. My personal story is one where I suffered from low back pain and migraines and was able to avoid a spinal surgery due to successful treatment from my local chiropractor.

Growing up in Dickinson, North Dakota I was involved in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, track and field (sprints and pole vaulting) and almost any other activity I could compete and play with my friends. My freshman year of high school I was fortunate to play baseball on the varsity team that took 2nd in State.

Throughout the season, however, I suffered from some real severe back pain in which I started missing games. I also had multiple times after practice where my mom would have to lift me out of the car due to the pain. I ended up going to my medical doctor and was referred to the Bone and Joint Center in Bismarck, North Dakota where I was diagnosed with a fracture in my spine (Spondylolisthesis). Spinal Fusion Surgery was recommended as an option for my lower back. At this time, I was 15 years old.

Being 15 our first response was "What are our other options?" The orthopedist said chiropractic and physical therapy were options that could be tried first.

I ended up seeing 2 chiropractors for my lower back, Dr. Peters and Dr. Bauer. I would get chiropractic adjustments focused on my lower back and pelvis and a massager to my lower back was used. I would leave the office feeling an immediate improvement, Walking and moving better. Over the course of 4-5 chiropractic adjustments, I was feeling much better. I did have to sit out the summer of baseball to let the fracture heal, but I knew the chiropractic treatment helped me get better quicker and get back into sports.Chiropractor West Fargo ND Jeremy Heidt

During the treatment for my lower back, I didn't tell Dr. Peters about my migraine headaches I was having. At the age of 14 and 15, I would get a terrible migraine headache every other month. I ended up in the ER once on an IV with pain medication to help decrease the headache. My medical doctor had me trying multiple medications that didn't help much. Dr. Peters adjusted my whole spine, and it wasn't until I visited the chiropractic school, I realized chiropractic can help decrease migraine headaches. My headaches started to disappear after I started chiropractic treatments.

The personal experience with back pain and migraine headaches is what got me interested in chiropractic. Since finishing undergrad, chiropractic school and studying biomechanics and the human body for the past 18 years I have learned the importance of a properly functioning body. I have learned the majority of back pain and neck pain is biomechanical. This is why manual therapies chiropractors use are so effective at treating these conditions.

I have also learned the connection of the low back, hips, knees, and ankles and the connection of the upper back, neck, shoulders, and jaw. I have learned the importance of the muscles and stability of the spine and also the soft tissues after injuries.

I often get the question, what makes our clinic different or what makes the chiropractors at Pinnacle Chiropractic different?

#1. I believe our personal and professional experience and training sets us apart from others.

#2. I believe it's the small details we try to get right every visit. Whether it's the correct angle to adjust, soft tissue work, or rehab exercises we give to stabilize an area. Each visit we try to maximize the treatment and look at the small details in getting patients better.

#3. We have always made decision based on what is best for our patients. While making a decision if it brings us closer to improved patient treatment or outcomes we will add or continue the process. If not, it will be changed.

Each day when I get to the clinic, I study my treatment schedule to figure out what can be done to maximize the visit with each patient. I want each patient to feel the change I felt when I was a chiropractic patient suffering from low back pain and migraine headaches.

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